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Heerhugowaard Storage

Our second project facility built in Heerhugowaard, Noord-Holland

Energy Dock

Installation of a charging station in the Port of Rotterdam

Rotterdam Flywheel

Installation of a stand-alone KINEXT flywheel at the UWT terminal

Almelo Storage

Our first energy storage site built next to our manufacturing facility


What our partners say

When I wanted to make my business more sustainable and was looking for a way to heat my greenhouses without CO2 emissions, I made the choice to partner with S4 Energy. In S4 Energy, I found the team to develop the plan from concept to reality. S4 Energy has completely taken care of everything for me, and soon there will be an energy storage installation here that helps reduce grid congestion and heats my greenhouses!

Kees Hoogendoorn
Owner, Tuinderij Hoogendoorn

As an energy producer and supplier, we understand the importance of having flexibility in the electric grid, especially in today's context. The importance is only set to increase in the future. We trade the capacity of S4 Energy's current energy storage systems, which has bolstered our portfolio with a substantial share of flexible capacity.

Fredrik Troost
Senior Structurer, Eneco Energy Trade

Innovative technology

S4 Energy's unique flywheel and creative algorithms ensure longer life spans and sustainable stable power.