ESG & Impact

By maximising the utilisation of renewable energy and minimising the reliance on fossil fuels, energy storage contributes to reduced greenhouse gas emissions and a cleaner environment.

In a world transitioning towards cleaner and more sustainable energy solutions, energy storage emerges as a cornerstone of this transformation. It ensures stability, flexibility, and reliability of our power grid and power supply, making way for a greener future for generations to come.

Efficient storage solutions minimise energy waste, making the most of every kilowatt-hour generated by renewables, thus reducing the need for additional energy production and its associated environmental costs.

Enhanced grid stability reduces the need for fossil fuelled plants. A more stable grid results in fewer grid failures, minimising the environmental impact of power interruptions and enhancing the overall efficiency of the energy system as a whole.


Both the KINEXT flywheel and its housing are made entirely from steel.

They are designed to be disassembled at the end of their operational lifespan enabling them to be subjected to a comprehensive recycling process.

The steel can then be wholly reclaimed, serving as a prime raw material for subsequent new applications.


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