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Charging station with flywheel

Partner: ZES (Zero Emission Services)

We installed a charging station for inland shipping in the Port of Rotterdam, strategically located in the heart of zero emission shipping routes.

What it is

The project consists of a charger for battery packs (ZES Packs) providing the ability for two ZES Packs to be charged and exchanged for empty ones. The total power produced is 2 MW, with a capacity 6 MWh and 1 KINEXT flywheel with a power of 0.5 MW (read more about our KINEXT flywheel). The energy dock can be expanded to 10 MW accommodating future growth.

What it does

The station provides charging services for ZES Packs allowing ZES to support the transition to zero emission inland shipping. With this facility, skippers can quickly exchange their empty batteries for fully loaded batteries and continue their journey. This supports the grid and helps congestion management in the region.

Why it’s important

This facility serves two purposes: one, to charge batteries for electric inland vessels and two, to improve the reliability of the national grid.

S4 Energy owns and operates this energy storage system in a joint venture with Waalhaven Group.

This facility is under construction and will be commissioned in Q1 2024. It is supported by the regional support fund SOFIE, the Port of Rotterdam and the city of Rotterdam.


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